Age of Wushu Gold and General Life Skills Methods

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Age of Wushu Gold and General Life Skills Methods

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This is the place for all the points that cover pretty a great deal just about every life skill. The key issue being shifu quests. Next to each and every shifu is definitely an apprentice. This apprentice will give you a quest when each day, the quest will vary based on how high your life talent is as well as the volume of Age of Wushu Gold you have got. By way of example if you talk for the Chef's Apprentice he will provide you with a everyday quest, should you be a novice he will give you a quest to make a spicy fish filet and blood tofu. For carrying out that quest he'll give you a cook's letter, after you suitable click the cook's letter it gives you 150 exp for the cook.

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Lets say you go back the subsequent day but you're now an apprentice in place of a novice, the Chef's Apprentice is going to give you a further quest (1 to produce fried shrimp balls or some thing) and if you total which you get a Cook's Letter 2, which offers you 180 exp. So your level within your life talent will impact the everyday quest as well as the reward. For this reason its essential to do the everyday quest each day is for the books that should offer you a large amount of exp with no expending vigor. All life Skills share a vigor pool, 1 the bottom left of your screen below the chat bar there is "my battle, my jianghu, and my life" my life will replace your hp bar together with your vigor, and is an straightforward way to check how much you have got. All life skill tasks take up vigor, so you'll have to watch just how much you invest and you can age of wushu liang. It does regen but at a slow price.

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