Metin2 yang and Partisan Warrior Tips

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Metin2 yang and Partisan Warrior Tips

Mensagem  asdfeer1 em Ter Nov 05, 2013 6:55 am

Listed here are some opinions on playing partisan warrior of Metin2 , if you are interested please read it on and hope you've got a very good time, you can also locate metin2 yang! Bonus points: it truly is initially to add vitality till 20 points then to add 90point strength. It could level up easily depending on a lot hp and higher defense and income earned through attacking monster is sufficient to spend. You'll find two addition approaches. 2 vit and 1 dex or 2vit and 1int. each are to add full vitality. And it truly is simple to do something with a lot hp and higher defense. If you only want to level up, 2vit and 1dex is the very best selection. In contrast, 2vit and 1int is ideal for all those who are fond of pk. Each sura and dragon shaman are magic and long-distance attack. You needn’ t pk with them closely. So it can be necessary to collect buy metin2 yang and add int so that you can enhance magic defense. The final is 2dex and 1int.

You can pick out your right armors as outlined by your situations. Combat ecstasy: Now quite a few folks sell attack speed and movement potions. The ability you built is just not as good as a jarful potions from the other individuals besides that you are beneath attack damage. Obviously, it is possible to construct it after you level up. Tri-cut: fast mp restores and frequent hit price. You are able to buy cheap metin2 yang from us. Talent point: sword aura should really be learnt firstly. The distinction about attack among use sword aura and the other abilities is shown obviously.

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