Metin2 yang and Three Tricks to make profit

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Metin2 yang and Three Tricks to make profit

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In this guide let’ s discover some strategies to make profit and metin2 yang in metin2. Farming Metin Stones: it really is time-consuming to farm Metin Stones in metin2, make a warrior at level 21 to level 25, you happen to be able to wield very same identical 1 for almost everything. Go to Aswan/ Corinth/ Maadi and start looking about for Metin Of Black, Metin Of Darkness, and Metin Of Jealousy. Slay these metins, they are going to drop potions, Armours, Weapons, Ability books, and spirit stone from 0- 4. You might want to devote a lot of time for you to obtain Metins.

Farming Antler Bows and Complete Moon Swords, it can be not easy to farm Complete Moon Swords because bestial archers and bestial specialist attacks a little difficult. The time account could possibly be raise to 35 even though drop will be a little extra rarer. You may uncover buy metin2 yang. Visit Aswan, Corinth, Maadi or Nula Valley and appear for bestial archer or bestial specialist. Slay them and they'll drop Antler Bows and Complete moon swords with decent stats from 0 - 3. Price tag range, depending on skill/ harm damage.

Merchanting will be the final advised path to earn buy cheap metin2 yang quick. You must 1st have some cash like 1kk . Visit Ch1 Shops and begin seek in retailers. If you see some thing inexpensive like a Heroic Strike ability book for 900k then purchase it and sell it for 1.2kk to make a profit. If there's a Piece of Gem for 250k then acquire it and sell it for 300k. you may need to metin2 yang This works with high level items with stats also.

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