Wow gold and death knight guide

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Wow gold and death knight guide

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Hit rating In order to be good a DPSer, you need to be able to hit stuff. Primarily, your weapon strikes (such as Scourge Strike or Obliterate) need to be able to hit stuff and you also need WOW Gold Paysafecard. For the first tier of Cataclysm raiding, this means you need a hit chance of 8 percent. Frost dual wielders will get 3 percent of that from talents, but Frost two-handed weapon users and unholy DPSers will need to get all 8 percent from gear. Now, if you inch a little bit above 8 percent, don't panic. You can reforge or regem to lose some of it, but if you're a bit over 8 percent, that hit rating is not wasted. It's going toward the higher hit cap for your spells, such as Death Coil. Don't worry about hitting the spell hit cap, though. You're better off stacking more strength once you get that initial 8 percent and gather buy world of warcraft gold.

Tanks can get some use out of hit rating as well. The more your hits connect, the more threat you get. If you're having problems keeping threat, you may wish to consider trying to hit the 8 percent special attack hit cap, but it's not absolutely as mandatory as it is for DPS. Strength is the bread and butter of DPS and is the single most important stat for any DPS death knight. It gives you attack power, which makes your physical attacks hit harder. Your spell-like effects also gain power from attack power. Yes, this means you don't want Intellect to make your diseases tick for more; you want strength. You can world of warcraft gold to strengthen your ability. If you have intellect or spellpower on your gear, get rid of it as soon as possible. It isn't doing anything for you.

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